Blossomfall is a tortoiseshell and white she-cat with white petal-shaped white patches.[1]


  • Blossomkit is born in the ThunderClan nursery with her littermates Bumblekit and Briarkit.
  • She is named after her tortoiseshell fur, which looks like falling petals.
  • Blossomkit is the smallest of the litter and sleeps a lot.
  • Toadkit says that Blossomkit should have been called Squealkit, because she is always squeaking.
  • During the battle with WindClan the kits are brought to Firestar's den to hide.
  • Rosekit helps calm down the younger kits by telling them stories.



  • Blossomfall and Ivypool get lost in tunnels and Hollyleaf leads them out. They wonder about Hollyleafs identity.
  • Blossomfall is taken to the Dark Forest by Tigerstar, her weakness being jealousy for all Briarlight's attention.




  • In the allegiances of Long Shadows, Sunrise and Hollyleaf's Story she was mistakenly described as a pale brown she-cat with a darker stripe running along her spine.


References and CitationsEdit

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