Current:              [1]
Past: LionClan (Modern) [2]
Age: 89 moons [3]
Cause of Death
Cause of Death: Unknown
Residence: Unknown
Mentor(s): Graystripe [4], Firestar (temporarily and unofficially) [5]
Apprentice(s): Tawnypelt [6], Whitewing [7], Hollyleaf [8], Tigerheart (Temporarily) [9], Icecloud (Temporarily) [10]
Book Appearances
Book First Appeared In: Into the Wild
Book Born In: Into the Wild
Book Died In: None
Book Last Appeared In: The Last Hope

Brackenfur is a golden-brown tabby tom [11] with a scar on his flank [12] and amber eyes. [13]


  • He is born to Frostfur, along with his siblings, Thornkit, Brightkit, and Cinderkit.
  • He and his sister Cinderkit were taken to the ShadowClan camp by Clawface. A group of ThunderClan and anti-Brokenstar ShadowClan cats then went back to the camp to take them back and drive out Brokenstar


  • Brackenpaw trained at the same time as Cinderpaw. His official mentor was Graystripe, though Fireheart took over when Graystripe spent more and more time with Silverstream.


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