Current: SkyClan
Book Appearances
Book Born In: The Rescue
Book Last Appeared In: Beyond the Code

Harrykit is a gray tom[1] with a pale muzzle and underside.[2]


  • Harrykit is born to Billystorm and Leafstar, along with his sisters, Stormkit and Firekit.
  • After Stormkit falls out of the den they are captured by a Twoleg.
  • He and his sisters first open their eyes in a Twoleg nest.
  • He was named after Harry, or Sol, the cat who helped Leafstar escape from the Twoleg den.
  • He seems to enjoy play-fighting with his littermates.
  • He happens to cut his nose on a thorn, and his sisters think he will bleed to death.
  • Sol finds a fluffy blob (which is probably sheep's wool) to put on Harrykit's nose to stop the blood.
  • The kits are eager to go on a hunting patrol.
  • When the foxes attack the camp all three kits are eager to help Leafstar fight them, almost falling off the ledge before Lichenfur grabs them.
  • Leafstar tells the kits that if they pull a stunt like that again they'll get nothing but mousetails for two days.
  • When Leafstar returns with Echosong, she realizes that her kits had gone missing.




References and CitationsEdit

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  2. After the Flood, page 14

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