Hollyleaf is a slender, dark black she-cat with piercing green eyes, thorn-sharp claws and a bushy tail.


  • Hollykit is apparently born to Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw.
  • She is first seen playing with a dead mouse with her littermates.
  • Since Squirrelflight did not produce milk, Daisy and Ferncloud nursed the kits.
  • The kits sneak out of camp to find the fox cubs.
  • The cubs are a lot bigger than they expected.
  • They manage to escape but fall off a small cliff.
  • Hollykit and Lionkit get scolded for putting Jaykit in danger.


  • Hollypaw was originally a medicine cat apprentice but then decides to be a warrior.
  • In her first week of being a medicince cat apprentice she is trained battle moves and Leafpool is impressed with her skills.
  • Hollypaw journeys to the Tribe of Rushing Water, saving it from a group of rogue cats.


  • Hollyleaf kills Ashfur so he won't reveal the secret about her parents.
  • Leafpool finds a tuft of Hollyleaf's fur in Ashfur's claws (when she is preparing him for a ceremony), reconizing the scent. She now knows who the killer is.
  • Hollyleaf walks into the medicine cat den, so she can find Leafpool.
  • Hollyleaf tries to force Leafpool to eat deathberries becuase she lied to her. However, she refuses to eat them and Hollyleaf is furious.
  • She announces that the Three's parents are Leafpool and Crowfeather.
  • Leafpool steps down from the role of a medicine cat and Crowfeather admits that he hates all ThunderClan cats, although it is not true.
  • Brambleclaw is furious at Squirrelflight and she apologizes, though they no longer are mates.
  • Hollyleaf escapes and flees for the Tunnels.
  • Her brothers try to stop her but it is too late- the Tunnels collapse...
  • Lionblaze and Jayfeather decide to tell their clan-mates that she died chasing a squirrel, so they will remember her as a honorable warrior, not a terrible murder.
  • She rescues Daisy's kits, but ThunderClan thinks the hero is Sol.
  • She returns from the Tunnels, her clan-mates bombarding her with questions.
  • Most of ThunderClan believe that Hollyleaf did them a favor, by killing Ashfur.
  • She helps them prepare for the WindClan attack by teaching them combat in the Tunnels. ThunderClan is now ready for the WindClan ambush.

Other RanksEdit

  • As a loner, she lived with Fallen Leaves


  • She has fought in the battle against the Dark Forest.



  • Killed by Hawkfrost in The Last Hope during the great battle against the Dark Forest.
  • Dies from a fatal wound and goes to StarClan.
  • Saves Ivypool from Hawkfrost but is killed in the process.
  • Was thought to be dead before in Sunrise



  • Kate Cary confirmed on her Twitter that Hollyleaf and Fallen Leaves did love one another,[3] and if they met in StarClan, they would be mates.[4] She had earlier confirmed, however, that Fallen Leaves and Hollyleaf did indeed meet again in StarClan.[5]

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