Jayfeather is a silky,[1] mottled[2] gray tabby[3] tom[4] with blind,[5] blue eyes,[6] a short tail,[7] and a scar running down one side.[8]He has the ability to see in his dreams, get messages from Starclan, reach into other cats minds and see the future and past etc.


  • Jaykit, along with his littermates Lionkit and Hollykit are born between Sunset and The Sight.
  • Jaykit is told that his parents are Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw.
  • He constantly gets put down because of his small size and blindness.
  • He and his siblings, Hollykit and Lionkit, go out looking for fox cubs living on the territory.


  • Jaypaw recieves Brightheart as his mentor. At that point, he wants to be a Warrior.
  • He accidentally wanders into WindClan, nearly drowning.
  • Soon, he is told by StarClan that his destiny is to be a medicine cat.
  • While he doesn't like the idea he accepts that he can't be a warrior.
  • He switches roles with Hollypaw who realized she wanted to be a warrior instead of a medicine cat.
  • His new mentor is Leafpool.

Other RanksEdit

Medicine Cat ApprenticeEdit

  • Saved Poppypaw from greencough.
  • Saved Lionpaw and Breezepaw from suffocation during the daytime Gathering.
  • Discovered that Cinderheart is the reincarnation of Cinderpelt.
  • Saved three WindClan kits, preventing a battle between ThunderClan and WindClan.
  • Traveled to the Tribe to help them fight invaders.
  • Helped heal Cinderpaw's leg by suggesting swimming in the lake.
  • Created a fake sign from StarClan to restore Blackstar's faith in StarClan, which turned out to be a real sign.

Medicine CatEdit

  • Helped Briarlight get stronger and enabled her to move around by herself.
  • Tried to save Flametail from drowning but failed, and was later blamed for his death.
  • Traveled to the Tribe for a second time.
  • Started the Tribe as Jay's Wing by appointing the first Teller of the Pointed Stones.
  • Incorrectly believed that Mothwing was the fourth cat of the prophecy.



  • Fought in the battle against the Dark Forest


  • He has mistakenly been called black, most likely confused with his sister, Hollyleaf.
  • Firestar once referred to him as Jaypaw before he received his apprentice name.
  • Stone Song once called him Jayfeather despite not knowing his Clan name.


  • He was the first of the Three to know about the prophecy.
  • Jayfeather is blind due to genetic reasons.[9]
  • Is the reincarnation of Jay's Wing. [10]
  • He would have liked to have been mates with Half Moon, but was forbidden to do so by Rock.
  • He has kittypet blood because his grandfather, Firestar, was born a kittypet.
  • He has SkyClan blood because his great-grandfather, Redtail, was Spottedleaf's brother.
  • His is a desendant of Wind, WindClan's first leader, because his grandmother Ashfoot is also her desendant.

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