Spottedleaf is an orange-and-brown,[1] dark[2] tortoiseshell[3]-and-white[4] she-cat with a distinctive dappled coat,[5] small white paws,[6] a white chest,[7] and a white muzzle.[8] One of her eyes is rimmed with darker fur than the other,[9] she has a black tipped,[10] gold-and-brown striped tabby tail.[11] She has a mottled face[12] with a small pink nose,[13] and amber eyes.[14]



Other RanksEdit

Medicine Cat

  • Spottedleaf takes over as the medicine cat after Featherwhisker dies.


  • She goes to StarClan, but is killed again by Mapleshade in the final battle.




  • She is killed by Clawface in Into the Wild while trying to protect Frostfur's kits.
  • Yellowfang is first accused for killing her, but then they find Clawface's fur in her claws.
  • In The Last Hope she saves Sandstorm from Mapleshade, but Mapleshade slices open her throat.
  • Firestar is horrified, telling her she had promised she'd be waiting when he came to StarClan.
  • She tells him she was never meant to be waiting for him, and she couldn't journey with him anymore.
  • Yellowfang urges Firestar to let Spottedleaf follow her destiny and Spottedleaf vanishes, dying for the second time.


  • She has been described with a white tail tip.[15]
  • She has been described with green eyes.[16][17]


  • She has SkyClan blood because she is related to Spottedpelt.
  • She dies without taking an apprentice, so Yellowfang takes over as ThunderClan's medicine cat.

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