Squirrelflight is a small, light-framed[1] dark ginger she-cat with brilliant green eyes,[2] one white paw,[3] a torn ear tip,[4] sturdy muscles, glossy fur,[5] and a long,[6] squirrel-like, bushy tail.[7]


  • She is named after her bushy tail.


  • Follows a patrol consisting of Ashfur, Brambleclaw and Thornclaw.
  • The patrol finds a badger. She wanted to fight it, but was stopped by Thornclaw
  • When Brambleclaw goes to Fourtrees, she follows him.
  • Though StarClan did not choose her to come to the journey, she goes anyway.
  • Leafpaw chews up some burdock root. She feels the taste and finds some root.
  • Comes up with the idea of stuffing Deathberries in a rabbit, though this fails.
  • Confesses love for Brambleclaw.


  • Receives her warrior name, Squirrelflight.
  • She is first to recieve a warrior name in the new territory, although not the first away from the forest.
  • Explores around the lake territory.
  • While chasing prey, she falls into a stone hollow, finding the new camp.
  • She fights with Brambleclaw about his half brother, Hawkfrost.
  • Ashfur expresses affection towards her, and she becomes his friend.
  • Squirrelflight starts feeling disapointed, because Brambleclaw is distant, but she enjoys Ashfur's company.
  •  She follows Leafpool out of camp, and finds out she's been seeing Crowfeather.
  • She keeps Leafpool's secret.
  • She is one of the cats that help ShadowClan to fight the kittypets.
  • Squirrelflight sees Stormfur and Brook.
  • She and Brambleclaw make up, and they become mates.
  • Leafpool has a dream, which means that Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight are destinied to be together.
  • Ashfur tells her he loves her, Squirrelflight rejects him, in an irritable and somewhat impatient way.
  • She mentors Foxpaw
  • Squirrelflight gets a bad wound.
  • When the camp catches fire. She tries to make a stick bridge, although it is to weak.
  • She calls Ashfur. He makes it, but does not let them through.
  • She tells him that Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, Lionblaze are not her kits, in front of them.
  • She and Brambleclaw are no longer mates when her secret is revealed by Hollyleaf.
  • Goes to the mountains, with Jayfeather, Dovewing, and Foxleap.
  • She is forgived by Brambleclaw.
  • Bramblestar choses her to become deputy.

Other RanksEdit


  • Squirrelflight's milk did not come.
  • She returned to warrior duties shortly after Hollykit, Jaykit, and Lionkit were born.


  • She has participated in the Dark Forest battle.


  • Her father is Firestar
  • Her mother is Sandstorm
  • Her sister is Leafpool
  • Her foster sons are Jayfeather and Lionblaze
  • Her foster daughter is Hollyleaf.
  • Her mate is Bramblestar.



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