Tawnypelt is a lean,[1] slender,[2] mottled,[3] pale[4] tortoiseshell[5] she-cat[6] with round[7] green eyes,[8] well-muscled shoulders,[9] and long, hooked claws.[10]



  • She went to join ShadowClan because she felt like her clanmates didn't trust her because of her father, Tigerstar.
  • Even though her father dies while she is still in ShadowClan, she stays because she feels as though she is respected.
  • Thornclaw, Bramblepaw and a few other cats gasp because they think that Tigerstar stole her, but he says she came 'to us willingly'.


  • Tawnypelt was chosen by StarClan to complete the prophecy; "Darkness, air, water, and sky will come together......And shake the forest to its roots" and find a new home for the clans.
  • Embarks on the journey with the chosen cats.
  • At the Gathering in Eclipse, Blackstar mentions Tawnypelt's new kits. But when he talks about Tigerkit, everyone gasps because they think of Tigerstar.

Other RanksEdit


  • Tawnypelt gave birth to Flamekit (tom), Dawnkit (she-cat), and Tigerkit (tom).
  • Her mate is Rowanclaw.



  • Fought in the battle against the Dark Forest


  • Has been mentioned with amber eyes. [11]
  • Was mistakenly called Tawnypaw in Midnight, as she was already made a warrior. [12]
  • As a kit, she was pale ginger. [13] But was changed to tortoiseshell.
  • On the Warriors mobile app, she was accidently called Tawnypet on Tigerstar's page.
  • Was accidently described as a tawny colored cat [14] and a pale bracken-colored cat [15].


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