I'm really glad the the wiki is turning out well, but if it's only me and Silversky, there's not much point in it all. So, if you guys are part of other wikis, it'd be great it you could ask a few friends to come over here (quietly, because most wikis don't like advertising. At all.) I've been asking a few people from Warriors Wiki, but most of them stay for like, one edit. We need regular contributors, and since my fellow admins ditched me (QQ), we don't have quite enough people on here.

I think we have an amazing wiki, and our linearts are better than most wikis, but if we don't have any contributors or users, the whole thing is a huge waste. I'd like to see some more action, and to get more contributors is the best thing we can do right now for the wiki.

Our user list has 11 actual users on it, but frankly, the amount of users who actually edit is about...two.

It'd be great if we got our former users to start editing again, and I figured since it was summer people won't be quite as busy, but whatever. New users= progress.

Happy wiki-ing,