Hey guys! Here's some of the new updates I've added onto the wiki.

So the biggest thing is probably the Example Page. This will make the creation and formatting of pages a ton easier. All you have to do it go to the page, edit it in source mode and copy-paste the code onto your new page, making sure you paste it into the source mode edit on the new page as well. Then all you have to do is change the description and take out any unneeded categories for the character, for example if the character is alive you'd take out Death, and if the character didn't have any other ranks, you'd take out Other Ranks. Sound good? I'm thinking of putting the code on the page, but I'll figure that out later.

The other thing is a bit more complicated. I've added a new template for chararts, along with a placeholder image for when the chararts are not ready. The template for the charart is simply a green background, and the placeholder image says "No image available". I've decided not to go with charcats, simply because we already have a Family section, and the rest fo the categories will take care of the information.

To insert the charart template, click the "Add other templates" link on the sidebar while you're editing in visual mode. In the text box, type "Charart" and then click "Insert". A box should pop up. This is going to be crucial for the pages that are already made, since they don't have the charart template yet. I'll need everyone's help to insert the template on every page.

In the box, type what you usually type for chararts [[File:imagename.png|346px]]. Make sure you get the code right. It must be 346px. Although for these ones you don't have to put "right" since the template is always on the right.

Okay, for new pages. Basically when the new page is created, it'll have the placeholder image. That's guaranteed. When a charart is ready, just edit the template (hover your mouse over the green puzzle piece and click edit) and replace the placeholder image (NAME ONLY. The placeholder image's name is noimageavaible.png. Simply replace that with the name of the charart). Voila. Easy as pie.

The hardest part of this is definitely adding the template onto the already made pages, but I'm sure this will prevent a lot of mishaps in the future, so I'm not too worried. We don't have to get them all done in one day or anything. Just insert it into a few pages a day, we'll be fine.

Happy wiki-ing,