Kay guys, I finished inserting templates into all the character pages that have been categorized, which hopefully is all of them. Pleaase categorize the pages you make, because uncategorized pages are a huge pain.

Also, I'd really appreciate it if from now on you created pages by copy pasting the code from the example page. It'd make everything a lot easier in terms of making all the pages look the same. I've put a charart placeholder in all the pages that don't have chararts yet, so you'll have to edit the template and replace the placeholder with a new charart. Remember that now.

Hmm, that's about it. I won't be doing a ton of editting on trivia, right now I'm just trying to fix glitches and clean up all the pages. If there's anything you guys think would be a cool edition to the wiki, I'm all ears. Also, if you guys have any questions about formatting or anything, feel free to ask.

Happy wiki-ing,