Hi guys! Shimmercloud here. Just wanted to list some things to remember when writing articles.

-Link all names, even if they redlink. When the pages are created, the redlinks will go away.

-Clan cats only. There will be no rogue or loner or whatever pages. I'm sorry, but there isn't enough to write about them. Don't link these pages, cause they will not exist. Ever. :D

-Do not link clans to the category pages. I did that, and it didn't work out.

-Remember to add category at the bottem, either Category:ThunderClan Cats, Category:RiverClan Cats, Category:WindClan Cats, or Category:ShadowClan Cats.

-When you make a page, take it off the list of cats that need pages, found on the Project Trivia page.

-Since this wiki is still rather uninhabited, feel free to make as many chararts as you like, don't worry about requesting and reserving. Our goal right now is to get chararts onto every page. We'll start tweaking and stuff after that happens XD

-No need for any requests whatsoever. There's too less people.

Thanks, and have fun!