• SilverSky101

    So I noticed that there are a lot of typos in the Warriors series. I love the Warriors series, the books are great but I noticed lots of common mistakes. If you think about it, each book was published in a very short amount of time so there are lots of accidents in the text. So this made me think... are the Erins trying their hardest?? Most of the books have few mistakes but some of them have a billion (this is exaggeration, of course)!!

    Some examples:

    • Typos (example from Crookedstar's Promise: fresh-kill pile called fresh-kill pie)
    • Not all the kits start with blue eyes, yet all kittens are born with blue eyes
    • Several cats have been mistaken for some other cat
    • Other cats where described differently than they really are
    • Some cats where callled th…
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  • SilverSky101

    Here are a few things to remember when editing. And this editing anything- contributive articles, talk pages, etc. I'm not going to mention who need to do this (that would be mean) and I hope I don't sound bossy of rude. I'm not angry with these users, there are just a few things that people are forgetting.... The last one is just something you'll want to remember. Thanks!!

    1. I noticed that some of the information our articles had no bullet points (well, not anymore)!! Please remember these because it is very annoying to add them all the time!!
    2. When you are responding to a comment on your talk page, don't reply on your own!! Reply on the user who left that message.
    3. This one isn't much of a problem but..... Please add your signature after you lea…

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  • SilverSky101

    Book Trivia?

    July 6, 2012 by SilverSky101

    Okay, I know I'll have to get this approved by Shimmercloud. But could we do pages on the books. The trivia from the books would be like mistakes and typos, (example:) like Rowanclaw being listed as a she-cat instead of a tom. Tell me if its a good idea!!

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  • SilverSky101

    In Bluestar's Prophecy and Crookedstar's Promise, have you noticed that Bluestar and Crookedstar have something in common? They have each suffered a lot and lost so much. Crookedstar's life has been much more diffucult, but Bluestar's was also very sad. Examples are.....

    In Bluestar's Prophecy:

    • Moonflower is killed and Bluestar was still an apprentice
    • Her father thought she was annoying
    • Her sister, Snowfur gets run over by a monster
    • She had to break Whitekit's heart about her sister's death
    • She has to give up her kits to save ThunderClan from Thistleclaw- imagine how hard that would be!!
    • One of her kits, Mosskit dies from the cold
    • Oakheart, her mate is crushed by rocks and is killed
    • As a leader, ther deputies Redtail and Lionheart are violently kille…
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  • SilverSky101

    Have you ever noticed that Firestar seems to be too perfect??? The Erins made him sound like he was the best cat ever. Some more examples are.....

    • They acted like he was nearly unbeatable in battle, he won about every war
    • He lived way too long and it took him forever to die
    • He saved all the clans like a million times!! BloodClan, Dark Forest, Tigerstar (just ThunderClan), and a few more
    • He was the fourth and he has been the "main hero" many times
    • Was made a Warrior within about 200 pages
    • Was the subject of TWO really major prophocies that would save all the clans (twice!!)

    So what do you think? Is Firestar the cat of perfection? Tell me your opinion!!

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