In Bluestar's Prophecy and Crookedstar's Promise, have you noticed that Bluestar and Crookedstar have something in common? They have each suffered a lot and lost so much. Crookedstar's life has been much more diffucult, but Bluestar's was also very sad. Examples are.....

In Bluestar's Prophecy:

  • Moonflower is killed and Bluestar was still an apprentice
  • Her father thought she was annoying
  • Her sister, Snowfur gets run over by a monster
  • She had to break Whitekit's heart about her sister's death
  • She has to give up her kits to save ThunderClan from Thistleclaw- imagine how hard that would be!!
  • One of her kits, Mosskit dies from the cold
  • Oakheart, her mate is crushed by rocks and is killed
  • As a leader, ther deputies Redtail and Lionheart are violently killed and her third one, Tigerstar is a traitor

In Crookedstar's Promise:

  • He is lied to by Mapleshade, who takes everything away from him
  • He smashed his jaw and was cruelly re-named
  • His own mother then ignored him, cast him aside, and only thought of his brother, Oakheart

Crookedstar lost.....

  • Rainflower- mother
  • Shellheart- father
  • Oakheart- brother
  • Willowbreeze- mate
  • Willowkit, Minnowkit, and Silverstream- daughters

Aren't Bluestar and Crookedstar so similar? Tell me your opinion!!