Here are a few things to remember when editing. And this editing anything- contributive articles, talk pages, etc. I'm not going to mention who need to do this (that would be mean) and I hope I don't sound bossy of rude. I'm not angry with these users, there are just a few things that people are forgetting.... The last one is just something you'll want to remember. Thanks!!

  1. I noticed that some of the information our articles had no bullet points (well, not anymore)!! Please remember these because it is very annoying to add them all the time!!
  2. When you are responding to a comment on your talk page, don't reply on your own!! Reply on the user who left that message.
  3. This one isn't much of a problem but..... Please add your signature after you leave a comment in someone's talk page.
  4. Don't forget the references and citations. But you only need these on info like errors and miscellaneous, because it has to be true. If you don't have the book, you don't need it. More citing and reference informaton can be found here: click me for cites!
  5. Don't add chararts to your profile unless its yours!! The "stolen" art will be taken down.
  6. Not a problem here but just something to remember..... Do not add links or create pages to rouges, loners, Tribe cats, BloodClan cats, dead Tribe cats, kittypets, etc.