Project Members
Leader: Shimmerstripe
Deputy: Shimmercloud
Warriors: Hooh54 & Shoon
To join the project place a request to join on the talk page.

Here are character pixels to add onto character pages. Click the picture to get it's full size. Download the lineart and fill them in to match the character.

If you'd like to draw a charart, please leave a message in the comments, and once approved, record the character's name under the In Progress list, along with your name. After the charart is finished and approved, take the name off the list.

To get your charart approved, post it on the approval page.

Please have the pictures approved before posting them.

Things to Remember:Edit

  • Save all chararts in .png format.
  • The character's current rank is always the charart that goes on top.
  • To insert the main charart, edit it source mode and put [[File:imagename.png/jpg/whatever|346px|right]] at the very top of the page.
  • Do not use thumbnails. Always add as full size.
  • Other ranks go at the bottom of the page. If a character page does not have a Character Pixels category, add one in Heading 2. Do not use headings to label the charart, just use normal text. Using headings screws everything up.
  • Alternative chararts go underneath other chararts. Add a ref by adding <ref>Sunset, pg 137</ref> at the end of the label. Label Alternative chararts as "Alt-Adult/Apprentice/Whatever"
  • If the Character you are doing has an undefined gender make sure you use the male blank, this is the default blank for those characters.
  • Follow the naming system. If you are doing a kit image name it Charactername.kit.png, if it is an apprentice image name it Charactername.apprentice.png, if it is an adult image name it, and if it is a queen image name it Charactername.queen.png.

Useful LinksEdit

Guidelines- Guidelines of the project.

List of Cats- Here you can find a list of cats needing pixels and which ranks. Please read the top of the page and follow all instructions there. Remember to reserve your charart at the table below.

Tweak Nominations- Where to nominate an image for a tweak or redo and where to find the list of images to tweak or redo.

Tweak Page- Where to post tweaked or redone images.

In ProgressEdit

User Name Original Charart 1 Original Charart 2 Tweak/Redo Date(s) Reserved
Hooh54 Ferncloud (Adult) Jayfeather (Adult) None March 30
Shimmercloud None None None N/A
Shimmerstripe Kit Blanks None April 9th
Shoon Hollyleaf (Apprentice) Shimmerpelt (Adult) None March 30th


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