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Welcome to Project Trivia!Edit

This is the place to come if you'd like to edit character pages! We organize users into groups and assign them a page to edit. If you'd like to work on a page, leave a message on the Talk Page and wait for someone to assign you a page. If you'd like to request a specific page, please specify in your post. Afterwards you can find your assignment under the Assignment topic on this page.

Note: Minor cats from Code of the Clans, or any other field guides will not be featured here.

Important LinksEdit

List of Cats- Shows which cat pages need to be created.

Example Page- Shows how the layout of a page is supposed to look.


The basic thing you need to know create character pages is how to use the Example Page. Edit the example page and paste the code into the new page. Using this template, edit the page to fit the character.

Categories For Each PageEdit

Using the Example Page, go to Source Mode and paste the code for the whole page onto the new page. Remember to take out all the categories that do not apply to the character. Make sure to include all categories that apply to the character, so unless they are alive in the chronologically most recent book, make sure to include death, and unless they have had no other rank, (queen, deputy, leader, etc) make sure to include other ranks.

  • Kit
  • Apprentice
  • Warrior
  • Other Ranks
  • Battles
  • Family
  • Death
  • Errors
  • Miscellaneous


To cite, add a <ref> before the cite and </ref> after the cite. (Ex: <ref>Long Shadows, pg 256</ref>)

Current AssignmentsEdit

Thing's To RememberEdit

-Link all names, even if they redlink. When the pages are created, the redlinks will go away.

-Clan cats only. There will be no rogue, loner, or kittypet pages. Please do not link to these cats.

-Link Clans to the category pages by putting [[:Category:WindClanCats]], and replacing WindClan with the correct Clan.

-Remember to add the proper categories to the cat. These categories are: Category:WindClan Cats, Category:ThunderClan Cats, Category:SkyClan Cats, Category:ShadowClan Cats, Category:RiverClan Cats, Category:StarClan Cats, Category:Place of No Star Cats, Category:Female, and Category:Male.

-When you make a page, take it off the list of cats that need pages, found on the List of Cats page.

-Link to another character's page only the first time their name appears in an article.

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