Current: SkyClan[1]
Apprentice(s): Acornpaw[2]
Book Appearances
Book First Appeared In: Cloudstar's Journey
Book Last Appeared In: Cloudstar's Journey

Weaselwhisker is a brown and ginger tom.[3]


  • Weaselwhisker is a warrior of SkyClan.
  • He is on a border patrol Cloudstar takes to investigate Twoleg activity.
  • When they mark the border he asks if Cloudstar really thinks their scent will keep the Twolegs out.
  • Cloudstar asks Weaselwhisker if the hunting patrols had gone out and her replies that they had, and gone out again.
  • Cloudstar is dismayed at the lack of prey and Weaselwhisker tells him that prey was hard to come by.
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References and CitationsEdit

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